Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snippets from an interview with Dr Edward de Bono

This week on Walk the Talk on NDTV Shekhar Gupta interviewed Dr Edward de Bono. Here are some very insightful snippets from the interview.

‘…perception is by far the most important factor in thinking, and research by cognitive psychologists has shown that in thinking, 90 per cent of the errors are errors of perception, not of logic. And if your perception is wrong . . . your logic can be erroneous. Once you change people's perceptions, you change their emotions, you change their behavior.’

‘…major corporates throughout the world develop a habit of saying, 'Put all the information, all the information or data, into our computers, and our computers will analyse the data and that will set our strategy, make our decisions.’ This is very dangerous because unless you can look at the information in different ways, you are not going to make progress.’


Amogh said...

i wonder how i always manage to miss all the good programmes on the TV while surfing with the remote.

Rajesh R.Nair said...

love it... its really very good to read.. its 100% fact